So, you’re...
thinking about or
trying or 
cold B2B sales outreach & 
considering getting help?
Read along. 👇

So, you’re... thinking about or trying or doing cold B2B sales outreach & considering getting help? Read along. 👇

Please note - Our website copy is being rewritten (by a special squad of copywriters that will infuse it with fluff and industry double-talk to describe us as a dedicated team of experts with a unique & secret approach. Yes.☝️ ) In the meantime, let's talk business.

“What is that you do?” 💌

We do B2B cold outreach via written channels of communication, most notably email and LinkedIn.

The usual term is pre-sales, the top part of the sales funnel.

Or, in other words, we start conversations in your name with people inside of companies you would like to have as clients.

“How do you do it?” 📋

We like to say - what we do isn't complicated but it's complex.

In order to have a successful pre-sales system you need to address 4 aspects:

  1. Pesky technical things
  2. The Art of Prospecting
  3. Copywriting
  4. Handling leads and responses + re-engaging & nurturing

“Do you do cold calling?” ☎️

No. But if you're thinking about cold calling, let us know. We can connect you with relevant people that might serve you well.

“How are you different from other consultants/agencies?” 🤔

4 things you should know about SimplyGrow:

Our cold outreach copy made people laugh, melted a few hearts, and made a lot of people respond. Here's the proof. And here.

We make your data flow seamlessly through all software you use. Nenad, the founder, was a full-time software developer for 10+ years in his previous professional life.

So we, as an agency, can build way more advanced integrations than via Zapier alone (although we love Zapier and use it a lot).

Scrapping data from the web, setting up DNS, connecting APIs, writing Apps Script code, etc. comes naturally to us.

Also, we have great ongoing relationships with many software providers in the cold emailing space.

We generate business for ourselves through cold outreach. We take our own medicine (or drink our own champagne, eat our own dog food, etc., whatever sounds better to you).

And before we deploy any new cold outreach tactic for any of our clients we test it on ourselves first.

While we can cover every approach for reaching out to people including "bulk" messaging we specialize in Account-Based approach.

What’s Account-Based apporach? Here’s a quick explanation:

“Who do you work with?” 🤝

We have worked with a huge number of industries so far.

Although we'd like to help everyone, we can't.

What's important is that our clients' offer has a solid value prop and at least a speck of uniqueness.

Also, Cold email/LinkedIn outreach works 100%, but not with the same success for every industry. For some, inbound marketing efforts are much more fruitful (or a combination of both).

Currently, we are focused on working with B2B companies that offer products or services that costs at least $1,000/month.

(Anyone with a solid and somewhat unique B2B offer can apply though)

Therefore, we don't take on clients with a generic offer in highly saturated markets, such as IT outsourcing services and generic marketing services, just to name a few.

If you’re not sure about your situation, feel free to contact us below. 👇

“How much does your service cost?” 💸

Simple and transparent. Voilà.👇

Model 1

We diagnose & prescribe, you apply

$1,700 one time

(15 consultation hours)

What's included?

15 consultation hours for building the backbone of the whole pre-sales system based on your needs:

  • Outreach Research
  • Outreach Strategy
  • Building the initial list of prospects
  • Writing the initial version of the copy
  • SOPs we use internally
  • Picking the best software tools for your need and connecting them in a seamless data flow (CRM, email/LinkedIn automation, Slack, etc.)

+Training you and/or your staff on how to run the system (no holding back on the knowledge transfer)

Who is this for?

  • Solopreneurs that have VAs or want to run the show alone.
  • Businesses/Startups that want to keep everything in-house.
  • Businesses/Startups that want to test cold written outreach in the most efficient way without breaking a bank.

How long does it take?

Usually, those 15 hours span across 2 to 3 weeks, but there’s no set limit.

The hours can’t go bad.

They don’t have an expiration date.

Model 2

We do it for you

starting at $3,600 per month

+ cost of automation software licenses⭐

What's included?

Everything as in Model 1 except training your staff.

Instead, we will run and maintain the outreach effort daily.

The only investment you'll have to make is time when you take over communication with prospects who show interest in your offer.

We take care of everything else.

Who is this for?

  • Individuals & companies wanting to focus only on closing and dealmaking due to limited time/interest to learn the ropes of the cold outreach (and avoid scratching their heads about why open rates are low, new algo changes Google or Outlook made, where to find more leads, and why messaging automation isn't working properly).

How long does it take?

The minimum initial contract length is 4 months. The first month is all about preparation and "sharpening the axe". The rest of the period is all about execution. That way we have a solid 3-month period to get the market's opinion on your offer, get to know each other, and quantify the results.

The cost of automation licenses

"Why isn't it included in the price?" you may ask.

For some of our clients, we only use 1 email address. For some, we use 20+. All based on the nature of our clients' business and needs.

So the cost cannot be anticipated upfront and it can vary A LOT.


On average, it's 5 email addresses at the beginning (~$50-$300/month).

We also prefer for our clients to take over the billing since there's no point for money to travel around the world just for us to forward it to those platforms.

“Do you do consultations? I’ve figured most things out on my own but I would like to talk to someone from time to time about ___________” 🗂️

Yes. You can talk directly with Nenad. Usually, people are interested in setting up and/or better understanding DNS records, technical deliverability aspects, the ins and outs of how cold email platforms work, copy and strategy brainstorming, etc.

The price is


The minimum amount is 1 hour (for 15 or more hours please check the Model 1 above).

The best way to go about it is to shoot Nenad an email at nenad [at] and tell him what you would like to talk about, and he’ll take it from there.

“But there are cheaper agencies out there” 🤑


“And what am I paying the fixed monthly cost for in Model 2?” 🤔

Basically 3 things:

  • Software licenses for prospecting and auxiliary tools,
  • Our time, focus, sweat, and tears (of at least 3 grown men, those are expensive),
  • Our years of experience compressed into know-how.

“How long does it take for the first cold messages to start going out?” ⏳

If you have pre-warmed up email account(s) the usual ETA is 3 weeks for kicking off the campaign.

If you don't, it's 4 weeks.

With LinkedIn, it's easy. It takes a few days at the most.

“Are you working on a commission-only model?” 😬

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: We could write a 2,000-word essay on why it's a bad idea to do pre-sales on a commission-only model until you get to know your client and their business. It's a bad idea for everyone involved.

Over time, if everything is going well, we're open to discussing restructuring the financial model.

The key part is "over time".


“Do you have any testimonials?” 😏

Yup. We are gathering them under Nenad’s LinkedIn recommendations section.

P.S. There’s more to come. We weren’t the most proactive bunch so we are catching up.

P.P.S. No arms were twisted in the process of getting those testimonials.

“Can you show some examples of your results?” 📊

Sure. If you missed the link above, here's it again: "Responsomeness" (Response + awesomeness)

It contains a shortlist of replies we received in the past.

There are many, many, more. (we just don't have time to screenshot every single one because it would take forever but we are adding the interesting ones)

We can share some of our winning templates on demand.

When it comes to campaign stats (open rate, click rate, reply rate, etc.), we have some impressive ones to show and brag about. But we don't do it.


Except for diagnosing deliverability and strategy issues, they are purely vanity metrics.

Example: We had campaigns with a 30%+ reply rate. "Wow", someone would say. The question to ask is - How many of those were positive responses? Hypothetically, maybe just under 1%. Would that bring value and happiness to the client? Most probably not.

In comparison, a 5% reply rate with almost all positive responses would make anyone happy.

“Did you ever have a campaign that was a dud?” 🥲

Of course. Everyone has. And we're not ashamed to admit it. We can share our failures over a Zoom coffee (but it's on you).

“Do you give any guarantees for the results?” 🧐

We've been generating ~30 meetings/week consistently over many months, for a client by reaching out to around 2,000 prospects/month.

Also, we've generated $2,460,370 (and counting) in sales opportunities in 3 months for another client by sending just ~450 hyper-personalized emails (not monthly, but in total).

It just goes to illustrate how different businesses are.

Could we do the same for you?


Maybe not.

We can only say once we learn more about your needs. And even then, we can only agree on KPIs. (Because guarantees are silly, to say the least)

So Let's talk. 👇

“That's all good, but I don't need the full service. Can you just write the copy? Or do the prospecting part? Or manage the tech side of things?” 🤨

Sure. That’s why we created the Model 1 (please check the details above).

You can utilize those consultation hours for any part of the outreach process you need.

“I'm a bit hesitant about working with an agency. I don't want to be just another account being passed around between account managers and put in a corner.” 🙁

Worry not. We are a small agency. This means we don't have hundreds of accounts but no more than 10 at any given moment. This further means we can pay enough attention and love to every account.

That's why we are picky when looking for our next champion client. 💪

Also, Nenad (the founder and the person you will talk to first) is personally involved with every account at every step of the way.


Competition 🤼

We’re not everyone’s cup of tea. 🍵

And we're fine with that.

That's no reason not to help people find their ideal cold outreach partner.

And we mean it.

Just fill in the email address and we'll send you a curated list of around 100 of our competitors or similar services.

Please note:

We do not guarantee the level of professionalism or results of any listed agencies or individuals.

Also, we are not affiliated with any of them.

But, if you start working with someone from the list, we wish you the best of luck and send them our regards. :)

General inquiries

Something hasn't been addressed so far? Feel free to shoot us a message via the form below or at nenad [at]

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