Your cold email stats are lying to you (and what to do about it)

Or, every little thing that can go wrong with you campaign

Tracking mechanisms

  • Opens (pixel, how it works, why it's flawed). I can open. "Person opened" vs "someone opened"
  • Clicks (tracking link). I can click.
  • Replies. yes:no ratio. unsubscribes vs nos. Prospects booking a call without replying. Prospects replying from a different address of someone is replying in the name of the prospect.

What is happening with your emails in the wild?

Being marked as SPAM, [Bulk], [External]... **EXTERNAL EMAIL***

Use Caution Opening Links or Attachments


Not all bounces are born equal ("hard", "soft"...), all the reasons (denied, full inbox, email not found...)

Set "sent - bounced" in lemlist for calculating stats.

Blocking extension in chrome to avoid false opens.

Pay close attention what is happening inside inboxes, not just email automation tool.

Use integrations to be notified when something important happens (call booking etc).

If you're running a lead gen agency, talk to your clients openly and explain all the things above transparently.

Control the controllable, don't focus on the rest.