About Us

SimplyGrow provides a unique lead generation service built around intelligent prospecting. Our proven methodology is guaranteed to excel the growth of your business by assuring the highest quality leads that are relevant, accurate, and prime for prospecting. Unlike other lead services that cover only a portion of this process, SimplyGrow works to develop a long-standing system that will get the most out of every lead from beginning to end. In short, our services will help your business... simply grow.


Our Mission and Vision

To provide desirable qualified leads through intelligent prospecting; delivering the highest ROI value to our customers across multiple industries.


Our Leadership

Marko Katanic

CEO & Co-Founder

Nenad Pavlov

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Gennady Polonsky

EVP of Global Operations

Juan Martin Gomez

Board Director

Dejan Milicic

VP of Technology & Innovation